I just realized it’s damn hard to come up with something to write. That’s why this will be a short first post =D Instead I’ll just show you something I did:
The dynamic forum signature!
Yeah, it’s an image (resized) that displays the latest post on this site, automatically gets updated whenever something is posted obviously. Perfect for forum signatures =P Might not be the hardest thing to create, but I’m happy that I managed to make it work properly (mostly) myself.

When it comes to the site itself, I haven’t yet decided on the layout. At the moment I use the Tarski theme, which I think it’s simple yet nice, but I’m still searching for alternatives and I might even create my own at some point. The shoutbox you see to the left is Wordspew, a WordPress plugin, which I’m also looking to improve or replace with something better – you’re welcome to write something. It’s actually fun to know that people actually visit your site.

By the way, Messenger Plus! Live 4.80 was released earlier today. If you use Windows Live Messenger, I encourage you to try it out. This version is fully compatible with WLM 2009.

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